Saturday, January 22, 2011

Small Stone #22 (aros) Small Stone in Truth

Far below Tintagel Castle
along the dewy Cornish cliffs
is a cave.  

Merlin's Cave

In the back of the cave
was a stone.

Unremarkable in color,
shape, or size.  
It's sea-rounded edge
fitting comfortably 
within my palm.

This one in my pocket,
another one removed
from there to take its place. 

Quartz clear as water 
tucked into a fissure. 
Merlin's Cave below Tintagel
No magician I 
Dear Merlin.  
No treasure seeker.
No grave robber.

Just a maid
honest and true
bound to the same 
earthly majicks as 
you once were
come to honor you.  


  1. The one you left sounds beautiful, and the one you took may be magical. I love the Header photo.

  2. The one of the cave? I took that one. So thanks.


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