Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dream Chado (aros) #13

I will not let

you kill my dreams

But I would share

them with you

in a simple dream tea chado*.

Serve them up

in small steaming cups

for us to sip and savor


I would shed the

makeup, the kimono

and meet you barefoot

in front of the brazier


Sit cross-legged

with you on the tatami

while they steep

Pour them into

mismatched bowls without

ceremony or ritual


What do dreams need with these?


Breathe in the delicate

fragrance of each

Roll them about on 

our sometimes too

facile tongues

Taste their truth

Swallow them whole

And let them nurture new

dreams in our bellies


I will not let you kill my dreams

but I would share them with you.

* A chado is a formalized Japanese tea ceremony.  It has a very ritualized procedure that can last an entire afternoon

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