Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Small Stone #11 (aros) Sabine's Dream

She has carried it with her across four continents
and always, always in her heart.  Those words of Woolf's that made her so determined to live a different life than the one the world planned for her.  

I have not been curious enough to pick it up over the past ten years.  But today, suddenly curious to see what she sees.  Curious enough to drive to the library despite raging snow.  Curious to know if I can find a similar magic to what she did between its covers.  

Or maybe some new magic.  

Please,  please just don't let it be none at all.  Let there be a spark left there for me.

"No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself."   - Virginia Woolf  A Room of One's Own


  1. So that's what drove you out into the snow yesterday - when i was unwilling to go further than feeding the bird tribes in the back yard. Can't wait to hear the results of your read.

    p.s. You already live in the magic!


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