Small Stone #26 (aros)

Grateful for gently rising 
butterflies of travel
for something to plan
and for a big purple 
suitcase of my own.


  1. when do you go? i borrowed naya's which is brown with pink polka dots all over it. with a matching handbag i got seriously teased. but i had no trouble finding it at baggage claim & i felt bold enough to be a dork and think myself cool, which is the best. i picture you facing the world with happy flare & having an interesting, serendipitous conversation or two along the way.

  2. 2/25-3/7. Lots of time for exploring a new place. If I had it my way it would be a zebra print bag and I would fashion stomp my way thru the airport like it was a Milan runway. FB friends I haven't met who live near there. And the grand poo-bah of US letteboxing. Green Tortuga. I learned along time ago to celebrate nerd. Now I am gently letting that go in favor of all of who I am, which of course includes dork in all its many klutzy manifestations.


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