Monday, January 24, 2011

Small Stone #24 (aros)

Pondering how hair
the bane of my youth
for its straightness
a place where curls go to die

becomes a head full of 
writhing knotted 
pillow serpents 
when I sleep on it wet


  1. this is funny. my hair did the same thing when it was a little longer. great pic. lol

  2. I'm here for your amusement every day. LMAO
    SO happy to see you blogging again. Luv your words

  3. And that serious, not to say baleful, look on your face is pretty impressive, too. I'm getting out my evil eye deflector.

  4. not an evil eye - that would involve squinting which creates wrinkles.

  5. Yeah, i wonder what happened to my hair too,...especially the hair that has gradually disappeared over the years...hahaha


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