Saturday, January 29, 2011

Small Stone #29 (aros)

I had a wicked good lunch yesterday with a couple of friends.  Not unusual, these days I lunch with friends a lot more than I did when I was working.  I was lucky while I worked, I lunched with the same friend every day.  He just happened to also be my boss.  

The feeling created by yesterday's lunch however lingered long into the evening like acacia honey straight from the spoon.  Slowly dissolving and creating new sweetness hour by hour.  Sometimes tasting laughter.  Sometimes the mossy depth of thought.  Sometimes the simpleness of being so well heard.
And today I bounced up all Tigger-y.  Better for it.  Still capturing faint whiffs of what was a perfect afternoon.


  1. And what a beautiful day to be so happy! xoxox

  2. Good times with friend sustain - I like the honey analogy. I also think friendship can be tasted (sometimes bitter but often sweet). I think I mentioned previously - your wallpaper is magical.

  3. Thx Barb. Pretty sure it will change to something springy and green here in a month or so.


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