Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Small Stone #19 (aros)

I sit down to meditate
only tears

caught in the place of them 
I let them fly

the tracks flowing 
down my cheeks
my chin a river delta
where they collect

the shift has started
I no longer center
but outside watching in

gulping deep breaths
exhaling long oooooooooos

calmly letting go 


  1. Love the site, love the quarium! but most of all the words. Reading your small stones has really touched me - their honesty, their fragility...connect with me.

  2. Thank you AJ. It is a mrvel that people across the world can read where another is in a moment of their day and sometimes understand

  3. Sounds like a difficult (but hopefully freeing) moment, but I'm really struck by that photo--a very vulnerable, beautiful, brave self portrait to post. xo

  4. Writing for me is not just about the pretty. There is often as much beauty in a sad moment as a happy one if you know where to look.


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