Sunday, January 23, 2011

That's a #2 Thought

People's first response to hearing about my spiritual path is generally one of two:

1) They cross themselves sure that I am of the devil
2) They think it is cool.  Followed up by Oh, I wish I could do that.

The people who think #1, I stopped worrying about a long time ago.  In a country of Puritan conquerors, you're bound to run into quite a few of those.  

But those #2 thinkers pluck a string inside me and set it vibrating.  I wonder why that is?

 How is this any different than when I look at my friend Suz and think Oh I wish I looked more like that and then flop back down on the couch and grab the remote.  It really isn't.  That yearning to have/be/do something without a single movement toward actually having/being/doing it.  They are exactly the same.  

The notion in my head, and most likely the #2 thinkers heads, is that there is no work involved in achieving what you yearn for.  That Suz achieves her lithe form without any exercise at all.  That she was just one of the lucky few born with that form.  I won't deny she has some good genes in that regard, as opposed to the German farmer frau genes I have that tend more toward thickness and bat wings (which would be an awesome form of welcome if I were Bruce Wayne).  But I know for a fact that the girl runs every day and works out with a trainer.  That is what she is willing to do to achieve that shape.  When it comes to exercise, I am not highly motivated.  Once you wind me up and get me going, I will kick some ass.  But that getting started is just a monster hill full of entropy for me.  

And I suspect the same is true of all #2 thoughts.  That the people who yearn for more psychic prowess, or active Dreamtime, or mad healing skills are just staring at a big ole hill and telling themselves they can't.  When in truth the only thing stopping them is that they won't take the first step.  For me putting on my shoes with the intention of hiking or working out is my first and hardest step.  KY girl remember.  Well, it took a REALLY big foot up my ass to finally make me start climbing the hill of my spiritual journey for real instead of just circling the base where I bought Tarot cards, but never used them.  Ditto crystals.  Ditto books *ackgasp* an unread book?  Because I was pretty much stuck in the I-know-I-need-to-go-there-but-don't-know-where-to-start mode.  Pssssst.....wanna know the secret?  START ANYWHERE! 

Those toys that littered the bottom of the hill were just a pretty hook to make me curious.  Climbing that hill is hard work, but it is also the most satisfying thing I have ever done.  The view is ever more spectacular as I go so that it makes me want to continue.  I am not making this trek for anyone but me.   The toys that were so cool at the beginning are no longer important.  Don't get me wrong they are still fun and sparkly, they are just not the goal.  It is on that hill that I meet myself.  It is there that I get a chance to conquer fears.  It is there that I learn compassion beyond what I had imagined.  

So now it's time for me to take the process that works for my spiritual hill and apply it to the hill I am less inclined to tackle - the exercise hill.  The #2 thought.  Because really it is just a bunch of #2.  Isn't it.  Start anywhere.  Put on your shoes.  Go!

Photo is of my niece Sabine in Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica.  She is the best hill climber I know.


  1. You mean those unfinished books of mine... could you mean that? Thanks!

  2. Readback: It is on that hill that I meet myself.

  3. It means whatever it means for you. That hill has a different name for each of us.


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